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Monthly Sports Gala Enhances Organizational Climate in Lira City

Lira City recently (last Sunday) hosted its monthly corporate sports gala, an initiative aimed at promoting health and well-being among employees while advocating for their rights.

Since its inception in 2022, the event has been improving the organizational climate and workers’ quality of life and performance.


The event kicked off at Lira Town College playground in the morning with public aerobics to encourage self-care and was followed by outdoor games such as football and volleyball. Participants also enjoyed indoor games like chess, Mweso, Ludo, and tug-of-war, during the course of the day which excited attendees and fostered camaraderie.

Patrick Okwir, a Legal Advisor at Lira City Elites Club, emphasized the importance of creating a friendly environment for employees and motivating them. “When workers feel motivated and appreciated, they perform their duties more effectively,” he stated. “Our primary objective is to prioritize the welfare of our workers.”

Okwir also called upon employers to provide health insurance for their employees. “We want to begin engaging with employers about the importance of health insurance and the need to insure their workers’ well-being,” he added.


Gloria Awelo of Galilee Medical Centre echoed these sentiments and urged corporate bodies to embrace health insurance despite any misconceptions as employees will be sure of accessing health services even salaries delays.

Lira City RCC, Lawrence Egole, commended the initiative and encouraged the public to participate in blood donation drives to save lives.

“This event is not just about physical exercise or competitions; we also offer health services such as HIV testing, blood donations, dental services, male circumcision, and sickle cell screening,” Egole noted. He expressed his satisfaction with the high turnout for these services.

Every first Sunday of the month with Uganda Breweries being the main sponsor, corporates gather for this social event, which includes over 20 companies from various industries such as Coca-Cola, Lira Regional Referral Hospital, law firms, banking institutions, and more.

At the end of the year, prizes are awarded to the winners, and the gala continues to bring together diverse organizations for socializing and games, supporting the city’s health initiatives.


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