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Lira Cooperate Gala Continues To Grow, Creating a Social Hub Through Sports.

Over 25 prominent companies and institutions have joined forces to partner and participate in the monthly Lira Corporate Sports Gala. This exciting event, which takes place at the beginning of every month on the playground of Lira Town College, has become a vibrant hub for networking, business, solidarity, and sporty competition.

The Lira Corporate Sports Gala has grown into a highly anticipated occasion, offering a unique opportunity for professionals from diverse backgrounds to come together, foster new friendships, and unwind from their busy work schedules.

Launched early this year, the Gala continues to attract people of different entities and professional backgrounds giving a platform for socialization through sports.

The event has succeeded in bringing together major entities, including Uganda Breweries Ltd, MTN Uganda, Crown Beverages Ltd, Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda, Uganda Police, Multi Choice Uganda, Unifi Uganda, C-Care Uganda, Lira Regional Referral Hospital, Jibu water, Space Lounge, Da Place Akia, Super Select Corporates, Lira Town College, Glass Lounge, Mota-Engil Uganda, Vintage Lounge, radio Q FM, Team Media, Elite Peak Restaurant, Streamline Technologies Ltd, Lira City Elites Club, Hon. Ebong Eyit, UBC TV, Radio Wa, Unity Fm, Vision Group, Ankole Times, Voice of the Gospel, Lira City Community, Uganda Sickle Cells Foundation, Sleek Events, Lira City Council, and Global Path.

The primary objective of the Lira Corporate Sports Gala is to bring together various corporate entities in a spirit of healthy competition. Participants engage in a wide range of sporting disciplines, including outdoor and indoor games, such as football, volleyball, mweso, chase, and ludo. The event organizers have announced that winners will be determined at the end of the year when the season concludes.

Kossy Eton, the organizer of the Lira City Elites Club, stated the purpose behind the initiative, stating, “…what do you do after work? Are you just going to be there from Monday to Friday, work home, work home, and then weekends you can’t even go and interact with your other friends? That is the reason why we decided to form Lira Corporate Gala so that we shall sail through up to December. When we get to December, we intend to have our corporate dinner….”

Zainabu Lukumu, the Chairperson of the Lira City Elite Club, highlighted the importance of such gatherings, saying, “…. so many people go out there and sit in their offices from Monday to Monday. We thought if we have one day like in a month, we just come and power all that stress that we have been having in the offices, maybe even at home. We come here with our children; they have fun. By the beginning of the new month, we are all fresh….”

The Lira Corporate Gala is proudly sponsored by the Lira City Elites Club, and the upcoming event, which marks the 7th edition, is scheduled for the 1st of October at Lira Town College, running from 7 am to 7 pm.

This event promises to be a day of fun, sportsmanship, and community building, further solidifying its place as a cherished tradition in Lira.




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