Financial Rivals To Face Off in Epic Football Showdown

The 5th outing of the Lira Corporate Gala is set to take place this Sunday, featuring an array of thrilling fixtures that promise to deliver a day filled with competitive spirit and community engagement.

The event, which has become a cornerstone for corporate interaction and sportsmanship in Lira, will be held at the Lira Town College Playgrounds.

One of the most exciting football matches of the day will see Housing Financial Bank, currently at the bottom of the table, take on KCB, who are resting in 5th position. This clash between two major banking institutions is one of the opening matches and is expected to draw significant attention as both teams battle for crucial points.

Other notable opening fixtures in football include: Coca Cola vs. Space Lounge, Glass Lounge vs. Radio QFM and UBL (the official sponsors of the gala) vs. Team Media, which comprises media practitioners.

With over 22 companies participating in football alone, the teams are expected to play several matches throughout the day, indicating in an intense display of skill and teamwork.

The current standings in the football table see Centenary Bank, a Catholic-founded banking institution leading with 27 points from 12 matches. Following closely are the Expendables, who have garnered 25 points from 10 games in football.

Centenary Bank’s Lira Branch has emerged as a challenging force in this year’s edition, not only topping the football table but also leading in Omweso and volleyball, while securing second place in draft and chess standings after the fourth outing.

Since its inception in 2022, the Lira Corporate Gala has rapidly grown in prominence, fostering unity, team cohesion, and promoting employee well-being and health.

The event features a blend of outdoor and indoor sports, including football, volleyball, chess, Omweso, tug of war, and Ludo, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.

Beyond sports, the gala also serves as a health and wellness initiative, offering services such as free male circumcision, HIV testing, dental services, sickle cell screening, and blood donation. With the high demand for blood in Lira, these services are a vital component of the event.


Held on the first Sunday of every month, the Lira Corporate Gala consistently attracts over 20 companies participating and more than 30 companies supporting the event through socializing and giving free services to the locals.

The upcoming outing on June 2th is set to be another charming outing as corporate teams gear up for the annual award dinner in December. Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL), the main sponsor of this year’s gala, continues to play a crucial role in supporting the initiative.

Participants and attendees at the next gala will have access to a variety of health services in sickle cells, Blood testing and donations, Free male circumcision, underscoring the event’s commitment to community well-being.

The Lira City Elites Club, which organizes the gala, is dedicated to fostering excellence and camaraderie within the corporate community. By providing a platform for networking, professional development, and community engagement, the club aims to elevate corporate standards, drive economic growth, and positively impact society.



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