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“Your Only” Emerges as the Debut Song in Gyes Slence Igwe’s New Album.

After rocking the air wave and screens with “Mama Nyash” Video, Northern Vibe Production artist Gyes Slence Igwe has once again captivated audiences with the release of his latest audiovisual masterpiece, “Your Only.”

Launched on Friday, November 10, 2023, the love-infused song narrates the heartfelt emotions of a young man from Uganda expressing his affection for his significant other.

“Your Only” marks the debut track from Igwe’s upcoming album titled “Butterfly,” a collection comprising 17 tracks that delve into the realms of love, adorned with melodious tunes and a diverse blend of music genres. The artist expressed his commitment to challenging musical stereotypes in Lango, emphasizing his intent to release one song per week from the album, each accompanied by a visually captivating video.

The key architects behind the musical tapestry of “Butterfly” include renowned producers Beatz Boy, Dani Pro, and the US-based maestro, Dan. This collaboration promises an eclectic mix that is set to redefine the local music landscape.

In response to queries about his shift away from the familiar terrain of Hip Hop, a genre for which Igwe is widely recognized, he candidly explained, “Music is dynamic, and I am versatile. I began my musical journey with softer tones and, in keeping with the evolving trends, I find joy in infusing energy into various genres, including hip hop.”

Acknowledging the challenges inherent in the music industry, Igwe highlighted obstacles such as limited equipment and the delicate balance required between music, work, and personal life. He emphasized that a successful music career demands unwavering dedication and sacrifices.

Igwe takes pride in writing his own music, citing his passion and innate talent as driving forces behind his musical journey. With aspirations to elevate his career to new heights, he expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of his fans. The artist is currently under the umbrella of Northern Vibes Production, sharing the stage with reggae sensation Danilo.

As “Your Only” continues to resonate with audiences, Gyes Slence Igwe looks poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, ushering in a new era of love-infused melodies that transcend genres.




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