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Infinity Gangs Defies Northern Uganda Music Norms, Elevates Visual Artistry Under Oglarius Management

In a bold move to shatter stereotypes prevailing in the Northern Uganda music industry, Apac’s finest music crew, Infinity Gangs, is on a mission to redefine standards under the strategic leadership of Oglarius Management. Over the years, musicians in the region have predominantly invested in audio productions, often neglecting video production and marketing, leaving their musical careers dangling in uncertainty.

Determined to change this narrative, the Infinity Gangs, guided by Oglarius Management, has awakened from the slumber of traditional practices, embracing a comprehensive approach to their musical endeavors. Their recent release, “Koporo,” marked a significant shift as the crew ventured into audiovisual production, setting the stage for a groundbreaking transformation.

Undeterred by challenges, the troop has followed up with a captivating hit titled “Friday,” a track designed to resonate with the working class, ushering in the weekend and providing a much-needed relief from the stress of the workweek. The music video, directed by Oglarius under Vista Film Works, accompanies this latest musical endeavor, showcasing Infinity Gangs’ commitment to visual excellence.

The dynamic duo behind Infinity Gangs, comprising Gadkeyz and Fullset, harmonize seamlessly, introducing a unique blend of genres to the Northern Ugandan music landscape. As they navigate their musical journey under the seasoned guidance of Oglarius Management, their story promises to be one of talent, determination, and musical excellence.

Oglarius Management’s visionary approach to artist development has breathed new life into Infinity Gangs, unlocking their potential and positioning them as trailblazers in a region where musical innovation is taking center stage. With a focus on both audio and visual elements, the crew is breaking free from the constraints of the past, paving the way for a vibrant and progressive Northern Uganda music scene.

As Infinity Gangs continues to carve its path in the industry, the Apac-based crew invites music enthusiasts to join them on this transformative journey, promising a fusion of talent and creativity that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the Northern Ugandan music landscape.



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