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A Coka Production Unveils His Journey, Vision for the Local Music Scene

In a recent interview with Lira Sqoop, music producer A Coka Production of Snai Records opened up about his journey as a music producer based in Lira. Known for his unique sound and dedication to his craft, A Coka Production shared insights into his background and approach to music production.

Basing his studio Lumumba near Beam Medical Centre, A Coka Production has firmly established himself as a key player in the local music scene. He expressed his love for music and his passion for working with artists.

A Coka Production’s musical journey began at Makerere University, where he earned a Bachelor Degree in music. He later honed his skills at the ESOM school of music in Kampala School of Music, specializing in music production.

With an impressive two years of experience in music production under his belt, A Coka Production has collaborated with numerous artists. He highlighted his work on the song “True Love” by Jim Ting as a notable example of his production prowess.

When discussing the elements that make a good piece of music, A Coka Production emphasized the importance of strong lyrics and vocals. He stressed that the artist’s skill and talent serve as the foundation, while the producer’s role is to enhance the artist’s vision.

A Coka Production revealed that he favors Logic Pro X as his digital audio workstation (DAW) of choice and places great importance on elements like kicks, snares, and melodies in his music.

Beyond music production, A Coka Production shared his belief that a solid understanding of music is essential for anyone aiming to direct and produce music effectively. He encouraged aspiring producers to have a grasp of musical principles, even if they aren’t vocally inclined.

Acknowledging the challenges of the local music scene, A Coka Production noted that there’s room for improvement in terms of diversity and research. He expressed a commitment to keeping up with industry trends and learning from other regions to elevate the music scene in Lira.

A Coka Production’s dedication extends to mentoring and teaching as well. He revealed that he offers music and piano lessons, particularly for budding talents who are just starting their musical journey. Despite receiving opportunities to teach at music schools, A Coka Production remains focused on furthering his own career in music production and leaving a lasting impact on the local scene.

As he looks to the future, A Coka Production expressed his ambition to continually strive for excellence. He acknowledged the influence of fellow producers who paved the way before him and expressed gratitude to his fans for their support.



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