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VIDEO: Clex B Finally Releases “Ring Ring” Music Video, Fiancé Eve Jay is Absent

In exciting news for fans of RNB Pop music, rising star Clex B has finally released the long-awaited music video for his hit song “Ring Ring”.

The love song is based on romantic lyrics and expresses the deep affection the singer has for his significant other. However, to the surprise of many followers, Clex B chose not to feature his fiancé Eve Jay in the video.

Despite the absence of his lover, the “Ring Ring” video is a beautiful piece of art that showcases Clex B’s talent and creativity.

Directed by Woko Derick from Northern Uganda, the video features stunning visuals and scenes that perfectly capture the essence of the song.

One of the standout aspects of the video is its use of local settings and culture. Clex B and his team showcased a group of people drinking a popular local brew called “Umkomboti”, adding an authentic African touch to the production.

The audio for “Ring Ring” was produced by Sammi Ouch from Ruba Studios, and it is yet another example of Clex B’s exceptional musical talent. With hits like “Mara”, “Mama”, “Suzanne”, “Apoto Imara”, and “Mega Ni”, he has quickly become one of the fast-rising musicians in Northern Uganda.

Fans of Clex B are eagerly anticipating his next project, with many hoping to see his fiancé take part in the “Mara” video. Overall, “Ring Ring” is a fantastic addition to Clex B’s already impressive body of work and is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

The disappointed fans at the absence of Eve Jay from the “Ring Ring” video are eagerly awaiting Clex’s next release, hoping that she will be featured in the upcoming music video for “Mara”.

Many people have commented that it is always beautiful to see musicians and their partners portray characters in their music videos when it comes to love songs rather than hiring actors. This sentiment was echoed after watching Rickman’s “Cindrella” video, where he and his fiancé Sheila Gashumba looked stunning together onscreen.


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