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The Aruu Festivals Advocates For Domestic Tourism

Lapaya Resort, Aruu Falls, will come alive from the 7th to 9th of October 2023 as Aruu Festivals, a cultural and musical event, takes place.

This highly anticipated festival is expected to attract diverse communities from across the country, bringing together people to celebrate the natural heritage of the Lango, Acholi, and West Nile regions.

Emmanuel Okello, one of the organizers representing Awii Inc, expressed his belief that over time, the local population will embrace tourism, and believes this will place the region on the national tourism map.

The festival aims to showcase the rich cultural traditions of northern Uganda through performances by northern artists, DJs, display of local foods and cultural dance troupes from various parts of the country.

Additionally, it seeks to engage northerners in domestic tourism, recognizing the vast potential for tourism development in the region.

Mr. Okello further rallied people from northern Uganda and other regions to participate in this three-day festival, emphasizing the importance of promoting domestic tourism to attract visitors from around the world.

Tickets for venue access will be available at UGX 30,000, with different packages offering additional services. For instance, individuals traveling from Kitgum and Gulu will pay UGX 90,000, while those from Lira City will pay UGX 110,000. Participants from Kampala, eastern and western Uganda are required to pay UGX 180,000 and UGX 160,000 respectively. These package prices include transportation, venue access, and camping facilities.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available, and the organizers have already secured partnerships with established companies such as Nile Special, who serves as the main sponsor. Discussions are underway with Standbic Bank through their Flexi Pay service, as well as TV Africa, Pepsi, and Aqua Fina. Other potential sponsors and partners interested in collaborating with Aruu Festivals can reach out to the organizers at aruufestivals@gmail.com.

Mr. Okello acknowledged the growing trend of domestic tourism since the lockdown and highlighted some of the remarkable tourist sites in northern Uganda, including Aruu Falls, Bar Lonyo memorial site, Amuru Hot Springs, and Olum’s footprints, among others.

He expressed confidence that increased participation in tourism initiatives would greatly contribute to placing the region on the national tourism map, stressing that tourism is accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic status.

Aruu Festivals promises to be an exciting event, blending cultural heritage, music, and celebration while promoting domestic tourism in the beautiful region of northern Uganda.

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