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Deejay Khazo Announces Date for Highly Anticipated Khazo X-rated Sn. 3 Mix Show

Lira’s celebrated Deejay Khazo has officially set the date for the third edition of his highly anticipated Khazo X-rated Mix Party Show.

The event, known for its commitment to showcasing local talent and celebrating the region’s vibrant entertainment scene, will take place on December 23rd, 2023, at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Lira City.

Deejay Khazo, the driving force behind this exciting annual event, expressed his eagerness for the upcoming season, stating that it aims to “pull out the talent, support what is there, and never forget what has been there.”

Brashan Media, the event’s organizers, is now open for entertainers looking to register and participate in this year’s #DJKhazoXratedParty Season 3. This celebration of local talent promises a diverse and exciting lineup of activities, including music, Nyamchomma (grilled meat), rap battles, face painting, dance battles, red carpet moments, games, and live performances, starting from noon and continuing until late into the night.

With a good number entertainers, including musicians, comedians, MCs, Deejays, and dance groups set to take the stage, attendees can expect unstoppable entertainment. Tickets are priced at UGX 10,000 for ordinary admission, UGX 30,000 for VIP access, and UGX 300,000 for a table.

Several renowned entertainers have already confirmed their presence and performances at the event, including Mrr Dee, Gyes Silence Igwe, Blood Moon, Big Brooze, and MC Force. Singer Mrr Dee has called upon fellow artists and community members to rally behind Deejay Khazo, ensuring that the third edition becomes a resounding success and a memorable experience.

Blood Moon, who lovingly calls himself the “president of Lango music,” has urged promoters to reserve December 23rd for DJ Khazo’s event, emphasizing the significance of supporting local talent and prioritizing Khazo X-rated on that day.

The event is proudly being managed by Brashan Media and sponsored by Nile Special, with opportunities for additional sponsorship. Opio Brian Innocent, the CEO of Brashan Media, expressed the company’s dedication to promoting and nurturing talent in the region, highlighting their excitement at collaborating with Deejay Khazo to ensure the event’s success.

As the countdown to December 23rd begins, music enthusiasts, entertainers, and the community at large can look forward to a day filled with outstanding performances, unforgettable moments, and a celebration of the rich entertainment culture in Lira City. DJ Khazo X-rated Season 3 promises to be an event like no other, a testament to the extraordinary talent that calls the region home. Don’t miss it!




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