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EXPLORE NORTH: Lango Entertainers Unite to Promote Region’s Tourism Potential

Lango sub-region is set to experience a tourism boom following the initiative by entertainers from the region to promote its numerous tourist sites.

This comes after a group of Lango entertainers expressed their disappointment over being excluded from the recently concluded 3day Explore North event held in Gulu City. In a meeting held on Monday at Grand Percific Hotel, Lira City, most admitted that it was their fault for not promoting tourism sites in their regions and their contents as well.

Prior to this, the artists have now come together to showcase the beauty and diversity of the region’s tourism sites and they are promising to do all needed for recognitions.

The entertainers agreed to use their talents to promote the various tourism sites in the Lango Sub region through musical concerts and other forms of entertainment. They noted that the region is home to many incredible tourist attractions; however, these sites have not been fully exploited due to inadequate promotion.

One of the stakeholders who attended the meeting, Mr. Uhuru Jimmy alias DJ Cool, Unity Fm Director, expressed optimism that this initiative will not only boost tourism but also create opportunities for young people in the region.

Legendary artist Prince Compius urged fellow musicians to take responsibility for their lives and actions, particularly getting involved sexual acts and learn to brand themselves accordingly.

As part of their plans, the artists have identified several tourism sites to visit, including Bar Lonyo, Namsale – the center of Uganda, the Janan Luwum site, the Olum’s footprints,the place where Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda was arrested in 1899 among other site.

On July 14th, they plan to hold a three-day camping at Ibuje Hill, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Lango people while raising awareness about the hidden gems in the region.

According to songstress, Queen Akira, registrations is now going on at UGX 50.000 to all those who wants be part in developing and promoting Lango Cultural heritage.

The entertainers however call upon leaders and members of the community to support their initiative, which seeks to promote tourism and create opportunities for young people while preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage of the Lango people.

They believe through collective efforts, the tourism potential of Lango sub-region is self-assured to be realized, attracting more visitors to the area and boosting economic growth.


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