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Professa Maros Endorses Ve Ra, A Rising Star in Northern Uganda’s Music Scene

Maros Atine musically known as Professa Maros, the CEO of Hot Soup Records, has expressed his passionate support for the rising music sensation, Ve Ra.

The Ogwang Med Mac hit maker believes that Ve Ra is the answer to a significant negated in the northern Uganda music industry, which has been longing for female artists to shine and represent their voices.

Professa Maros acknowledged Ve Ra’s exceptional talent and personality. “Vera is what we have been missing in the northern Uganda industry, she is sweet, talented, and incredibly respectful ” he said. “.

Maros has also pledged his unwavering support to assist Ve Ra in her music career journey. “We are ready to support you, sis,” he declared

Ve Ra, widely recognized for her hit song “Guiter,” has been making waves in the music scene. The artist is currently under the management of Blaq Boy Management, a reputable company that hosts legendary singer Brazen Rule and Lincoln Feroh among its talents.

Ve Ra’s music includes a diverse range of songs like “Guiter,” “Baba,” “Ocuga,” “Hello,” “Ngetta,” and many more. Her unique blend of talent and personality has captivated audiences and industry professionals alike.

In response to Professa Maros’ endorsement, Ve Ra expressed her gratitude and unwavering confidence in her music career. She is self-confident to continue creating captivating music and making a significant impact in the northern Uganda music scene.




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