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Get to Know Timcence as he Collaborates with BeePee in His Latest Musical Venture.

BeePee, the singer, has recently been exploring Northern Uganda and discovering talented underground artists. He has identified numerous talents and is open to collaborating with them.

One such artists he has come across are Fresh Terminal, 2yeARs Pelare, T`worthy Wyler,Timcence, a promising young rapper.

In a recent engagement with Timcence with Lira Sqoop, He opened up about his journey in the music industry and his inspirations.

The young rapper and producer shared that he initially started making beats before delving into rapping. “I had to learn music production first in order to create a signature sound as part of my branding.” He revealed.

Timcence credits Tony Eii, the CEO of Phatboi Records, as his biggest influence who encouraged him to release his first EP titled “Beast and the Kid in me”. Moreover, his older brother introduced him to the hip hop world, which became his favorite genre.

“Tony Eii, the CEO of Phatboi Records is my biggest influence, he highly gave me encouragement. He also pushed me to release my first E.P dubbed “Beast and the Kid in me”. Timcense on Tonny Eii.

When asked about his inspiration for writing music, Timcence shared that life experiences and emotions are what drives him to create. He also draws inspiration from artists like Bryson Tiller, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar.

Talking about his most challenging song, Timcence mentioned “Ill At Ease” which required the use of many metaphors but was still manageable.

The highlight of Timcence’s career was performing at the NUMA awards at Pece Stadium in front of over 5000+ people on January 1st, 2023. He also expressed that collaborating with new artists and connecting with fans has been his greatest success in music.

Timcence believes in supporting fellow artists to help Northern Uganda grow musically. His advice to upcoming artists is to never give up on their hustle irrespective of the obstacles coming their way.

He further added that proper funding is necessary for upcoming artists to reach the top. Timcence’s best collab so far is “Here to win,” with RnB singer BeePee  where he produced the track, spreading positivity and encouragement to the youth.

Despite having not received any negative critiques about his songs, Timcence believes that he needs a proper promotional team to make significant progress.

Born on July 27th, 2000, as Otim Innocent Charles, Timcence spent his childhood in Gulu, Uganda. His stage name “Timcence” is a combination of his real names.

He began rapping at the age of 12 and cites Eminem, Lil Wayne, and other hip-hop artists as his early influences. With over 30 songs to his name and his debut EP released in March 2020 which included songs like All Slay Queens Are Hungry, Like Mandela, Face The Streets and 3 others, Timcence is undoubtedly an artist on the rise.

All his songs are available on his YouTube channel Timcense.

Download “Here To Win” Here:

Here To Win

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