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Mrr Dee Talks About His Latest Song ‘Wan Oling’, Collaborating with Apac’s Top Musician 2 Years

In a recent engagement with Mr Odora Denis, popularly known as Mrr Dee, spoke about his musical career and the release of his latest song “Wan Oling” featuring Apac’s top musician 2 Years.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Wan Oling,” Mr Dee explained that he wanted to teach people how to deal with their life challenges confidentially. He believes that everyone has problems, and if you keep sharing yours, people will laugh at you.

Regarding his collaboration with 2 Years, Mr Dee expressed a desire to promote each other’s music and shared that he only collaborates with serious artists who have talent. He also mentioned that his favorite genres of music are afro dancehall, reggae, and R&B.

Mr Dee explained that music has had a significant impact on his life, connecting him to the world and giving him many friends. He has attended many concerts and performed in his own annually.

As an engineer by profession, he advises fellow artists to work hard and not rely solely on music for income.

Mr Dee sees himself achieving great success in the next two years. He urged his fans to continue supporting him and promised to deliver good educative songs always.

Mr Dee is currently under Fidiman management and Tuffbeat Entertainment.

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