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Gift Ov Kaddo Ranks Himself as Best Artiste in Uganda, Compares Himself to International Stars

In a recent interview, faded artiste Gift Ov Kaddo, declared himself as the best artiste in the country and compared himself to international stars like Wiz Kid and Burna Boy.

According to him, there is nobody in Uganda who can be compared to him, and he has nothing left to prove.

“There’s nothing for me to prove anymore in Uganda. I’m at the level of Wiz Kid, Burna Boy, and the likes. You can’t put me to the level of these musicians in Uganda,” he says

Despite not having released any new music in a long time, Gift Ov Kaddo remains confident in his abilities and claims that he has other sources of income. He also expressed disappointment at not being appreciated in his home country, despite producing good music.

It remains to be seen if Gift Ov Kaddo’s bold claim will be accepted by his peers and fans in Uganda. Nonetheless, his confidence and self-assurance are admirable traits that could propel him to greater heights in the music industry.

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