APAC DISTRICT: NRM Launch Early Ground Mobilization Ahead of 2026 Elections.

Supporters of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Apac District have kicked off an early ground mobilization campaign in anticipation of the forthcoming 2026 elections. This strategic move aims to secure more political seats in the district, which historically has been deeply rooted in the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), owing to the fact that the former President, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, originated from there.

Daniel Eyit, the NRM Secretary for Publicity in Apac District, emphasized the importance of early mobilization, citing the district’s track record of securing only three LC III (Local Council Three) positions out of 12 sub-counties. Eyit believes that the lack of early mobilization has contributed to this underrepresentation.

In a bid to boost their electoral gaps, NRM leaders in Apac District recently convened a consultative meeting. During this gathering, they endorsed Hon. Betty Awori Engola as the sole NRM candidate for the 2026 general elections. Engola, the current woman Member of Parliament representing Apac under the NRM ticket, was lauded for her significant contributions to both the party and the district.

Addressing the meeting, Hon. Betty Awori Engola stressed the importance of unity among party members and urged leaders to actively promote government programs, which she believes would benefit the people of Apac District.

Apac District has long been considered a UPC stronghold, with three members of parliament and a substantial number of local councilors affiliated with the party. However, the NRM’s early mobilization efforts signal a determined push to change the political landscape in their favor.

With only three LCV IIIs secured out of 12 sub-counties and holding a total of nine positions in the district council and 25 positions in the municipality council, NRM supporters in Apac District are gearing up for an powerful campaign season leading up to the 2026 elections. Their hope is to reshape the political dynamics and secure more representation within the district.

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