Akena Vows to Paint Lango Red in Political Allegiance

Following the Dokolo By-election victory on March 21st, 2024, Hon. Jimmy James Michael Akena, President of the Uganda People`s Congress (UPC) also the Lira City East Member of Parliament, has declared his intention to politically transform the entire Lango Sub-region, pledging allegiance to the UPC and its ideals.

Lango Sub-region, which currently comprises 31 legislators, has become a focal point for Akena’s ambitions, with the UPC commanding 11 seats, while the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) holds 14. Additionally, there is one representative from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and five independents, of which three lean towards the NRM, while two have signed an MOU with the UPC.

In an exclusive interview on the 22nd march 2024, Hon. Akena outlined his vision, stating, “I intend to make Lango completely red, so I’m putting all other parties on notice. UPC will be challenging for all positions, and we intend to win them.”

He attributed the challenges faced during the 2021 election to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which hindered the party’s traditional mobilization efforts.

Akena emphasized the importance of early preparation for the upcoming 2026 election, citing the need for comprehensive mobilization efforts to ensure readiness. Reflecting on past campaigns, he lamented the inability to showcase the full spectrum of UPC’s engagement due to COVID-19 restrictions, noting, “…. a UPC campaign has music, has dancing, has a lot of activities, has interactions. Under COVID-19, where it was more like a classroom setting, we could not bring the best side of us….”

With preparations already underway and mobilization efforts gaining momentum, Akena expressed confidence in the UPC’s ability to resonate with voters and secure victory in the upcoming elections.

As the son of former Ugandan President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, Akena carries a legacy that he aims to uphold through his political endeavors, with a keen commitment to advancing the interests of the Lango Sub-region and its constituents.



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