LIRA: Democratic Party Holds Meeting To Rejuvenate Leadership, Attract Members Across Lango.

As the 2026 general election approaches, various political parties in Uganda have intensified their grassroots mobilizations, regional tours, and consultation meetings.

The Democratic Party (DP) tuesday 11th June 2024, held a consultative meeting in Lira City as part of a nationwide effort to rejuvenate the party, attract new members, and update its leadership in Lango subregion.


During the meeting, Democratic Party Secretary General Gerald Siranda outlined four key pillars for Uganda’s future under the party as achieving national consensus, implementing constitutional reforms, enacting electoral reforms, and ensuring a peaceful transition of power.

Siranda emphasized the importance of creating a robust framework to realize these goals, which are essential for the country’s stability and unity. “The mobilization campaign aims to promote the transition and economic transformation agenda…” Siranda noted.


He highlighted the party’s core values of inclusiveness and anti-corruption as central to shaping Uganda’s future.

Flashing to June 2022 where the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party entered into a working cooperation agreement with the Democratic Party (DP). President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who serves as the National Chairman of the NRM, signed on behalf of NRM, while DP President Hon. Norbert Mao signed for the DP.

Despite the public reaction to the agreement, Siranda explained that the initiative is intended to promote collaboration and dialogue, addressing challenges to facilitate a smooth transition of power.

“…the agreement is based on four main pillars. We aim to be a center of dialogue, engagement, and transformation,….” Siranda added.

Herbert Rutagwera, DP’s National Organizing Secretary, emphasized that the party’s focus is not merely on gaining power but on a deep commitment to the country’s future, as reflected in the cooperation agreement with the NRM.

Paska Grace Ogwang, DP’s regional representative for Lango, stressed the need for constant dialogue to rebuild the party and enhance grassroots mobilizations.

She called on the national party leadership to support and empower their flag bearers during elections, including financing their campaign rallies.

Ogwang also highlighted the need for resources to assist district party chairpersons in mobilization efforts, helping the DP stay competitive with other parties.

This consultative meeting in Lira City aimed to advance the DP’s mission across the Lango Sub-region as it was attended by the party’s district chairpersons across Lango.

DP remains optimistic about rebuilding the party through collaboration and dialogue, with another consultative meeting scheduled in Arua for the West Nile Sub-region.


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