Singer Mrr Dee Announces Change in Music Style

Lira City-based artist and music producer Mrr Dee has announced a significant change in his music style, focusing on a new album that will feature six hot dancehall tracks.

In a Facebook post, the CEO of Tuff Beatz Recording Studio shared his plans for the upcoming album, starting with the debut track “Kom Mingo.”


Mrr Dee, who is affectionately known as the “Love Doctor” for his successful catalogue of love songs, expressed his desire to diversify his musical approach by creating dancehall club bangers. He assured his fans that three of the six tracks for the new album are already completed and that he plans to produce the remaining three songs to finish the project.

“I want to change my music style a little by doing an album of six hot dancehall songs (club banger), starting with ‘Kom Mingo,'” Mrr Dee wrote on his Facebook page. “So far, I already have three done, remaining three more to make an album. I hope I have not disappointed you on the first one ‘Kom Mingo’?”


His hits such as “Facebook Love,” “Iwuku Na,” “Ka Ipe Ingea,” and “Weekend” have cemented his reputation as a beloved and talented musician in the region. Mrr Dee is currently under Fidiman Management.


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