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Rain Blesses a Fruitful Meeting Between Pato Loverboy & Great Steve at Front Page Lounge

Musician Pato Loverboy and promoter Great Steve put aside their differences and embraced each other after a heated controversy surrounding conflicting events. The meeting took place at Front Page Lounge and proved to be highly productive for both parties involved.

The clash initially arose when Pato Loverboy and Great Steve had scheduled separate events on the same date and at the same venue, sparking a wave of controversy and media attention within the community. However, the recent downpour of rain seemed to have brought with it a spirit of reconciliation.

Glass Lounge proprietor, Patrick Olang, played an instrumental role in facilitating the meeting, which saw both Pato Loverboy and Great Steve engaging in intense discussions to find a resolution. After much deliberation, a mutual understanding was reached, leading to a remarkable moment when the two industry figures embraced each other.

As a result of this newfound harmony, Pato Loverboy agreed to reschedule his “Obinen” concert to September 10th, a week prior to Great Steve’s “Afro North Festival,” which is set to take place on September 17th, 2023 – both events still scheduled to be held at Front Page Lounge.

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Front Page Lira Lounge 10/09/2023

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Bomah Hotel Kitgum 16/09/2023
Front Page Lira Lounge 17/09/2023

Renowned Mc Dogo Destiny has since called for unity and love within the industry, urging bloggers from both camps to support and promote both events together. This gesture aims to foster a sense of camaraderie among artists and promoters, ultimately elevating the music scene as a whole.

Acknowledging the communication gap that led to the initial conflict, Onapa Jimmy, popularly known as Deejay Cool and the proprietor of Front Page Lounge, expressed gratitude towards both Pato Loverboy and Great Steve for their understanding. He also took the opportunity to issue a warning to musicians and talents about fake promoters who fail to honor their financial obligations.

The rain-soaked meeting not only brought about a resolution between Pato Loverboy and Great Steve but also highlighted the importance of open dialogue, unity, and professionalism within the entertainment industry.

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