Northern Uganda Influencer Faces Backlash Over Controversial Post on Davido & Judah Rap Knowledge

Influencer Mone-paco Jerry, from Northern Uganda, has found himself in the eye of a social media storm after his recent Facebook post took aim at Nigerian singer Davido and rapper Judah Rap Knowledge.

Jerry’s post, which questioned Judah Rap Knowledge’s decision to decline a collaboration with Davido, ignited a burning debate among netizens. In the post, he wrote, “Guys, Did You Know my Rapper JUDAH RAP Knowledge da Akbar Refuse to do collaboration with Nigeria’s Artist Davido.”


The comment section below Jerry’s post quickly became a battleground, with users expressing a range of opinions on the matter. While some defended Judah Rap Knowledge’s decision, citing artistic integrity and loyalty to the local music scene, others criticized Jerry for stirring unnecessary controversy and attempting to pit artists against each other.

Davido’s recent performance in Uganda likely added fuel to the fire and here are some of the few comments.

Davido’s recent performance in Uganda likely fueled the fire, with comments reflecting a mix of support, skepticism, and outright criticism:

Philip Onen Snr: You actually want to gain cheap popularity…Judas is a big brand already.

Wizzy Kats: Who is he? Fake propaganda.

Olive Atima: To be a good blogger, you have to be a good researcher, not a dreamer. Don’t concentrate on only one person, even if you are the promoter. Whatever you are doing—blogging or promotion—is irritating.

Okelo Danny Dan: Do you lack what to say? Anything Judas. Is he the only artist who has gone to London? Style up.

Atim Sharon: Don’t use lies to get followers because it’s not good. Rely on the truth. I’ve been reading your posts, most of them are total lies.

Anoti David Martin: Were you there when he was refusing?

IS Acholi: Davido has no talent; he is only popular because of his family’s richness background.

Îvàn Kruggvaestian: Look at this mad man. Let me not get you next time… otherwise, you will not like it.

Lemz Ug: You must be Sudanese because at his recent concert in Uganda, Davido said he doesn’t know any country called South Sudan.

Okello Emma Ocen Dreamchaser: Maybe it’s Davido who refused. But do you know Davido very well? Davido is an international artist, and our Judas is only a regional artist but just overrated.

Felton Buoyancy: Some people need prayers; we don’t want nonsense.

The heated exchanges underscore the power of social media in shaping public opinion and the delicate balance between promoting local talent and embracing international collaboration in the music industry. As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the involved parties.


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