Alien Skin Involved in Another Violent Confrontation, Events Promoter Bajjo Attacked

In a disturbing incident that unfolded on Tuesday, 7th November, musician Patrick Mulwana, widely known as Alien Skin, and members of his entourage were embroiled in yet another altercation, this time targeting events promoter Mukasa Alphonse, popularly known as Bajjo.

The violent episode, which shocked social media users, occurred around 6 pm at a car washing facility owned by Bajjo in Kiruddu zone, Luwafu Parish, Makindye Division, Kampala, as confirmed by the police.

Video clips circulated on various social media platforms depicted a scuffle between Bajjo and three individuals believed to be associated with Alien Skin. In the footage, Bajjo is seen defending himself, spraying pepper in the faces of his assailants, forcing them to retreat momentarily.

However, the confrontation escalated when Alien Skin and his team returned in a car, deliberately ramming into Bajjo’s parked Toyota Wish. A security guard, identified as Okalebo Vincent from Caltec Security Company, intervened and discharged his firearm, causing damage to the vehicle.

The police swiftly responded to the incident, arresting one individual, Mr. Ibra Kabadia, and the security guard, while actively pursuing the apprehension of Alien Skin and his associates.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan police, expressed regret that Alien Skin managed to evade capture during the police intervention. Owoyesigyire affirmed that the police were committed to holding the perpetrators accountable for the damage caused to the vehicles at the car washing facility.

The exact cause of the altercation between Alien Skin’s Fangone Forest Entertainment crew and Bajjo remains unknown. However, it is worth noting that tensions between the two parties have been escalating over the past few months.

Alien Skin was previously involved in a physical altercation with fellow musician Pius Mayanja, known as Pallaso, who accused Alien Skin of disrupting his music rehearsals. Additionally, Alien Skin had a public feud on social media with music promoter Abbey Musinguzi, aka Abitex. Moreover, Alien Skin’s team forcibly removed events MC Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats, from the stage during Geosteady’s concert at Hotel Africana a couple of months ago.

The incident has raised concerns within the Ugandan entertainment industry, highlighting the need for conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence among artists and event organizers. Authorities continue to investigate the matter as the public awaits further updates on this troubling incident.

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