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Mr Berry and Rock Mc’s Collaboration is An Exciting Hit In The Making

It is always exciting to see two talented artists come together and create something amazing. Mr Berry and Rock Mc’s collaboration in Lango sounds like a hit in the making, with the perfect blend of production and lyrics.

The song titled “Anyani (This Girl)” is expected to be one of the top songs in June, with creative genius behind it. Tuffbeat’s CEO, Mr Dee produced the song to perfection, ensuring that every element of the music was on point.

Rock Mc’s versatility is evident in the song as he seamlessly switched between his different styles of music, while Mr Berry added his unique Luo tricks to the mix, that will unquestionably charm their fans’ attention.

Overall, this song promises to be a fan favorite, and we can’t wait for it to hit the airwaves soon. Cheers to Mr Berry, Rock Mc, and the producer Mr Dee for creating such an amazing tune.

The song will be officially out in the kickstart of June, 2023.

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