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Lira Corporate Gala Season Three Promises Excitement and Health Focus

The eagerly awaited Lira Corporate Sports Gala season three has officially commenced, promising not only exhilarating sports competitions but also a dedicated focus on community health.

Over 20 prominent companies and institutions have come together to partake in the third edition of the Lira Corporate Sports Gala 2024 with more expected to join. Since its inception in 2022, this corporate sports event has garnered widespread acclaim, fostering unity, enhancing team cohesion, and prioritizing employee well-being.

Kossy Eton, Chairperson of the Lira City Elite Club Organizer, reflects on the challenges faced and the successful culmination of last year’s gala, crowned by the corporate award dinner in December 2023. He anticipates this year’s event to surpass previous iterations in scale and quality.

Eton extends an invitation to companies and institutions interested in participation, highlighting the myriad benefits including brand exposure, team building, camaraderie, employee motivation, access to health services, and more.

The sporting landscape features a blend of outdoor games such as football and volleyball, alongside indoor favorites like chase, Mweso, and Ludo.

However, the focus extends beyond sports as this year’s gala introduces new health services encompassing dental care, free male circumcision, sickle cell awareness, blood testing, and donations. By afternoon, at least 11 individuals had undergone circumcision.

Ginno Okot, a Surgeon at Joint Clinical Research Centre, underscores their commitment to bringing essential services closer to local communities whenever called upon. He emphasizes the importance of community awareness regarding the health benefits of circumcision and the adoption of the painless and time-efficient ShangRing method, derived from Japan.

Sickle cell activist, Daniel Roy Odur, stresses the imperative of heightened sensitization efforts, citing Northern Uganda’s elevated sickle cell prevalence within the region. He underscores sickle cell’s detrimental impact on wealth and its contribution to poverty due to the significant costs associated with treatment and patient care. Odur advocates for increased awareness, testing, and treatment enrollment, noting the limited understanding of the disease among locals.

Odur pledges unwavering support for comprehensive testing and counseling throughout the duration of the third edition of the gala.

The event witnessed participation from 20 companies and institutions, including Coca-Cola, Multichoice, Meru Limited, MTN, Space Lounge, and three financial institutions, with expectations of further involvement in subsequent events.

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