Lango Province 2:2 [AGG] WestNile, HT Highlights

Lango Province began their journey at this year’s FUFA Drum finals goalless loosing to their opponents West Nile 2:0 in the first leg played in Arua City last weekend

Today Sunday is the the second leg of the Drum Game funals being played at Akii-Bua Memorial Stadium and the half time scores stands at 2:0 in favour of the host, Lango Province.

The overall aggregate now stands at 2:2, with no favour of away goals revealing that there is possibility of penalty shoots if the scores doesn’t change in the next half of the game.

The 11th mins goal by Dickens Okwir give them more confidence and determinations to win the game.

Joakim Ojera too also had the chance to place the ball behind the nets in the 37 mins of the first half putting lango penalty shoots possibility if the scores stands after the 90 minutes.

Despite the scores, West Nile Province players and fans still remains determined to ferry the trophy across the Nile River.

The Game is still on….

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