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FUFA Drum Returns After A Two-Year Lull, Playing Format Changed

The FUFA Drum is back after two years of no action due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The third edition was launched on Wednesday at FUFA Complex, Mengo.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim officially launched the return of the coted tournament and also conducted the draws alongside FUFA EXCO Member, Rogers Byamukama who is also the FUFA Drum Organizing Committee Chairman and John Paul Ssemakula, Nile Breweries Connections Manager.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim (navy blue suit) poses for a group photo with other officials at the launch of the 2022 FUFA Drum.

The FUFA President indicated it is important to have the tournament return because of the values attached to it.

“It is an exciting moment that the FUFA Drum is back. Football speaks to the language of passion and we are proud of ancestry, culture and identity. This tournament gives us an opportunity to be proud of where we come from and the first two editions proved it,” he said before adding, “I remember when Buganda played Acholi at Pece Stadium and Ekitiibwa kya Buganda was played, it meant a lot in re-uniting the people.”

He also stated that the tournament comes with many values attached including boosting the economy, promoting sports tourism and giving people a sense of belonging among others.

The President also confirmed that all FUFA Drum games this year will be broadcast live on FUFA TV.

“We are proud to announce that all the games this year will be telecast live on FUFA TV. This will definitely help us to increase on the visibility of the tournament and people living in the diaspora have the chance to watch their respective provinces in action.”

Byamukama equally was delighted for the return of the FUFA Drum indicating this is an opportunity to continue with the theme of celebrating ancestry and that explains why FUFA had to wait for full opening of the economy.

“We are here to launch the third edition and definitely coming back after two years means something bigger and better. The hallmark of the FUFA Drum is passion and celebrating ancestry and thus we did not want to play without fans. Now that the economy is fully open, we expect to have the same adrenaline, enthusiasm and passion expressed in the previous editions.” He indicated.

John Paul Ssemakula, the Nile Breweries Connections Manager highlighted the importance of this tournament indicating it falls directly in line with their vision of culture.

Unlike the previous editions that that were played in groups, this year’s tournament will be played on a knockout basis.

FUFA Drum 2022 (Men)| Draw

Busoga vs Acholi
Bukedi vs Kampala
Lango vs Ankole
Bugisu vs Sebei
Bunyoro vs Acholi
West Nile vs Karamoja
Kigezi vs Buganda
Tooro vs Rwenzori


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