June Da Chozen Tackles Long-Distance Love in His Latest Single.

Promising Singer, June D Chozen in his new song addresses the complexities of long-distance love. The song, titled “Tam Pira,” produced by Coka Production and falling under the Zouk genre serves as a heartfelt ode to lovebirds navigating the challenges of being apart.

Chozen’s lyrics delve into the importance of commitment and communication in sustaining such relationships, offering solace and encouragement to those separated by distance.

Initially slated for release earlier, the song encountered a delay due to June D Chozen’s involvement in another project titled “My Woman,” a collaborative effort with the late BeePee. Tragically, BeePee passed away before completing his part, leaving behind a void in the music community and the artists he was mentoring.

Despite this setback, June D Chozen remains undeterred, boasting an impressive catalog of 15 songs and 2 music videos since embarking on his musical journey five years ago.

However, he acknowledges the challenges of navigating the industry as an independent artist, expressing a desire for managerial support to elevate his career to new heights.

Chozen’s passion for music stems from his roots as a DJ and his exposure to music within his family, particularly through church choir and involvement with pianos and xylophones. Although he initially aspired to be a producer, he encountered challenges such as limited resources, redirecting his focus towards becoming a recording artist instead.

Looking to the future with hopefulness, June D Chozen remains committed to his craft, determined to carve out a deeper presence in the music scene through hard work and perseverance. With a blend of talent, dedication, and a fervent love for music, June D Chozen is poised to make waves in the industry, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of listeners across Uganda and beyond.


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