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YouTube Restores “Amoo Kwe” Video by 2Years Pelare After Copyright Dispute

Excitement as the music video for “Amoo Kwe” by 2Years Pelare is back online on YouTube. The visual for the hit song had been removed two months ago due to copyright claims made by fellow Apac producer, Bookkey Vibz.

According to Apac Sqoop, Bookkey Vibz had proclaimed that the song was originally his project. He earlier stated, “Amoo Kwe by 2Years Pelare is a song I produced from scratch at City Beats studio, complete with my signature drop, Bookkey Vibz. The Zouk touch in the song was my contribution. It’s important for a producer’s tag to be included in any project they work on, as it promotes our work and helps us get recognized by other artists.”

Despite the controversy, 2Years Pelare maintained his stance in a mid-April interview, expressing confidence in his ownership of the song. He clarified that the track was produced by him at his own studio, City Beatz Records in Apac and the video was directed by Infinity, all expenses paid by him. He reassured fans that he wasn’t worried about the legal actions taken against the song.

On Thursday, 2Years Pelare excitedly shared the good news that the “Amoo Kwe” video has been reinstated on his YouTube channel, @Years Pelare .

“Amoo Kwe” delves into the challenges of finding the right partner and is poised to become a hit, as its audio version has already been widely played across the Northern region.

The song features heartfelt lyrics such as, “I’m in love with you oh oh, I will stick on you yeah yeah… I will die for you…” which resonate deeply with listeners.

2Years Pelare is recognized as one of the most talented artists in Northern Uganda, boasting a portfolio of hits including “Aye” featuring the late BeePee, “Wan Oling” featuring Mrr Dee, and “Koporo,” “dombolo”  among others.



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