Deepo Maker Bwoy Signs Management Deal with Double M Management

Promising singer Deepo Maker Bwoy has inked a new deal with Double M Management, setting sights on enriching his musical journey to new heights. Under the stewardship of Apac-based manager Ogule Mike, who also happens to be an experienced journalist at Apac Radio, Deepo embarks on a promising collaboration.

The agreement spans for a year initially allowing both parties to gauge their synergy before committing to a long-term partnership. Notably, Deepo the CEO of Sky Avenue sees this affiliation as a pivotal step forward in his career path, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Deepo’s decision to join Double M Management positions him as the first artist under their label. With an impressive range of 15 audios and 2 videos already under his belt.

He is self-assured to drop two more videos in the coming weeks, including his latest single titled “Cunya Wee.” Produced at City Beats Records Apac by talented producer 2 Years Pe Lare, the song promises to captivate audiences with its infectious beats and lyrical finesse.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new management, Deepo emphasized the potential of having a dedicated management team to push his musical activities noting that the strategic move aligns with his vision of sustained growth within the music industry.

Beyond his musical landscape, Deepo is diversifying his portfolio with a venture into the fashion and design business as he is the CEO of Sky Avenue Boutique in Kampala. This multifaceted approach underscores his commitment to artistic expression and entrepreneurial ventures, setting his position as a dynamic force in the entertainment landscape.


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