Government to Code Nancy School for the Deaf in Lira City.

The Government through the Ministry of Education, plans to code Nancy School for the Deaf in Lira City. The coding process, scheduled to take place in the next financial year, aims to create a conducive learning environment for students with special needs.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, the Health Minister and Woman Member of Parliament for Lira City, made the announcement during the delivery of solar panels to the school. Dr. Aceng, who officiated as the chief guest, expressed her gratitude to the First Lady for her support in assessing the school’s needs and committing to its coding.

The coding of Nancy School for the Deaf will enable the institution to receive government subvention, addressing financial constraints that have hindered its smooth operation hence affecting performance.

Currently, the school struggles to pay for electricity and staff salaries due to lack of funding. With the installation of solar panels, the learners will have access to lighting even during power outages, facilitating communication and learning.

The solar panels, valued at Shs 20 million, were donated by Solar Light Africa Company Limited. Additionally, the company provided scholastic materials for distribution to the students.

Mr. Bonny George Okello, the Head Teacher of Nancy Comprehensive Secondary School for the Deaf, expressed his joy at the arrival of the solar system, which will greatly benefit both deaf and blind learners.

Nancy School for the Deaf initially started as a school for the deaf but later integrated to accommodate various categories of learners. However, the lack of fencing poses challenges in managing the students effectively.

Furthermore, the school relies on volunteer teachers who are not paid by the government. The limited resources from the community and parental contributions through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) sustain the staff.

Mr. Mathew Omara, Chairperson of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Lira and a board member of the school, emphasized the need for the government to recruit more teachers once the school is coded. This would help improve the education standards at Nancy School for the Deaf.

Established nearly 20 years ago with support from a woman named Nancy and the community, Nancy School for the Deaf is the only school in Northern Uganda that caters to children with special needs up to the secondary level.

With a total enrolment of over 579 learners from primary and secondary levels, approximately 95% of the students are deaf, while the remaining few have other disabilities.

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