Tororo Cement, GCW Hamson Obua Transforms Apami Pri School From Shambles to Greatness

Apami Primary School in Alebtong District Shines Bright After Remarkable Transformation

A once-dilapidated rural primary school in Alebtong District, Apami Primary School, has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming the pride of the district after receiving a significant facelift from Tororo Cement and the intervention of the area Member of Parliament and Government Chief Whip, Denis Hamson Obua.

Apami Primary School classroom in Alebtong District before renovation

The school, which was previously abandoned by parents due to its deplorable condition, has now emerged as the best-looking school in the entire district. Enrollment has surged from a mere 270 pupils to an impressive 700, following the extensive rehabilitation efforts.

The rehabilitation project, a result of the joint efforts of Tororo Cement and Ajuri County Member of Parliament, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, has breathed new life into the community of Alebtong, reviving hope and aspirations for the pupils, parents, and teachers.

Apami Primary School in Alebtong District after renovations

During his visit to the school, Hon. Obua, an Old boy of the school, hailing from the same village, expressed his deep humility at the transformation. He recalled about the days when the school’s classrooms were mere grass-thatched structures, emphasizing the power of determination and collective effort in bringing about positive change.

Obua’s commitment to improving the school’s conditions is a promise he made six months ago when he first witnessed the school’s dire state. With his intervention, the school was rehabilitated by Tororo Cement and officially handed over for use, marking a turning point in the school’s history on Sunday 29th October.

The community and school officials expressed their gratitude for the intervention, considering it an answered prayer and the key to their children’s future.

The head teacher, Charles Okello, highlighted that the development would significantly reduce absenteeism and gradually improve academic performance. He also acknowledged the challenges faced, particularly with parents’ financial contributions, but remained hopeful that the newfound enthusiasm among parents would lead to positive outcomes.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the school’s transformation is the renewed hope for academic success. Despite not producing any first-grade candidates for the past 18 years, the revitalized Apami Primary School is now self-confident for a positive change.

Thirty-five candidates are set to sit for the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) this year, with the newfound support and commitment from the community fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence.


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