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LIRA: National Learning Outcomes Under Scrutiny, Education Experts Gather to Formulate Solutions

The Ministry of Education and Sports has expressed deep concern over the persistently low learning outcomes among learners across the country.

In response, the Ministry has organized a three-day reflection workshop aimed at devising strategies to enhance the quality of education. The workshop being held at Dr. Obote College in Lira City, has brought together over 300 school inspectors from the Western and Northern regions.

Frances Atima, Director of Education Standards at the Ministry of Education and Sports, highlighted the challenges faced by the education sector, particularly in adapting to new ICT developments. “There are still gaps because you must continuously help people. First of all, issues of ICT are new, and not all our people are very well conversant with them,” Atima stated.

Kellen Ayebazibwe, chairperson of the Uganda National Inspectors of Schools Association (UNISA), pointed out the discrepancy between the high percentage of instructional use and the low learning outcomes. “Nationally, you would look at the accountability; it is almost 90% use of instruction. But when you look at the outcomes, it is very challenging,” Ayebazibwe noted.

Atima further emphasized the need for improved classroom teaching and supervision. “If there is no proper teaching in the classroom and no learning, then you do not expect good learning outcomes. We need to carry out more lesson observations and ensure that every teacher is supervised by head teachers, who are the first inspectors,” Atima asserted.

The Ministry has recently implemented an integrated inspection model to enhance school inspection processes. However, the results have not yet translated into improved learning outcomes.

Patrick Olwit, the Lira District Inspector of Schools, stressed the importance of the ongoing retooling exercise for inspectors. “Our learning achievement is still quite low, nationally standing at around 36%. This workshop is an opportunity to reflect, cross-check, and develop strategies to address these issues,” Olwit explained.

The 2023 school performance assessment revealed critical areas needing attention to improve learning quality. The meeting, which includes inspectors from Lango, Acholi, West Nile, Kigezi, Ankole, Tooro, and Bunyoro regions, aims to derive actionable strategies to boost effective learning in schools.


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