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Yahweh Pentecostal Mission Celebrates Milestone with 1,029 Churches & Over 300,000 Believers

In a momentous occasion at the Awake Pentecostal Church in Orum Assembly, Otuke district, Bishop Joel Makalu of Yahweh Pentecostal Mission unveiled a remarkable achievement for the religious community of Yahweh Pentecostal Mission. Yahweh Pentecostal Mission now boasts a network of 1,029 churches spread across the Lango Sub-region, with an impressive congregation of over 300,000 devoted Christians.

The unveiling took place during the inauguration ceremony of a newly donated church, generously contributed by the Otuke East Member of Parliament, Julius Acon. Valued at 700 million, this gift symbolizes a significant step in the spiritual journey of the Awake community, marking a new chapter in their collective faith.

Bishop Joel Makalu, in his sermon, underscored the pivotal role of the Church as a catalyst for holistic transformation, encompassing social, economic, and spiritual dimensions. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between political and spiritual leaders to facilitate the construction of more churches, meeting the needs of the growing Christian population.

Representing the President, State Minister for Northern Uganda, Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny who was the guest of owner, commended the kindness displayed by Hon. Julius Acon towards the people of Otuke. She urged political leaders to engage in selfless acts of charity, echoing the sentiment of fostering unity and community development.

In response to the outpouring of support, Hon. Julius Acon reaffirmed his commitment to the community, pledging continued assistance. As the farming season approaches, he expressed readiness to strengthen agricultural activities, offering hand hoes to households to mitigate the threat of famine and poverty among the communities of Otuke East.

Members of the Yahweh Pentecostal Mission expressed gratitude towards Hon. Julius Acon for his unwavering support, acknowledging the overwhelming task of funding such a modern church.

Merry Akello, a member of the Awake Church, lauded the MP’s contributions, highlighting the newfound ability to host church gatherings and weddings peacefully within the new structure.

Lianyang David, the Yahweh Zonal Coordinator for Otuke Zone, expressed gratitude towards their Member of Parliament, urging other political leaders to emulate the generosity and compassion demonstrated by MP Achon.

The commissioning of the Awake Church not only signifies a significant milestone for Yahweh Pentecostal believers in Otuke but also augments the network of Yahweh Pentecostal Churches in the Lango sub-region.

With 1,029 churches now in operation, serving a population of over 300,000 Christians, the Yahweh Pentecostal Mission continues to play a pivotal role in fostering spiritual growth and community development.



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