Lira City RCC Pledges Due Process in Land Dispute Amid Yahweh-Pentecostal Christians’ Concerns

Egole Lawrence, the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) in Lira City, has assured residents that his office will uphold due process in land disputes and prevent any unjust evictions. This comes in response to a petition submitted by Yahweh Pentecostal Christians who raised concerns about harassment by security forces and ongoing disputes over land and church ownership.

The recent media reports revealed a conflict involving Yahweh Pentecostal Christians from Lango districts, who have accused government leaders and security forces of collaborating with Pentecostal Assemblies of God members in a church ownership and land dispute, which is currently under legal consideration.

Bishop Joel Mukalu, the head of Yahweh Pentecostal Mission, handed over the petition to RCC Egole, expressing the discontent of his community, particularly with certain Members of Parliament who have remained silent in the face of oppression. He urged the RCC to convey their concerns to the President’s office to seek a resolution.

“I want to inform Mr. RCC that if the current situation persists, in 2026, the NRM (National Resistance Movement) is likely to garner significantly fewer votes compared to previous elections,” Bishop Mukalu warned.

In response, RCC Egole promised to promptly convey the concerns to President Museveni. He also highlighted the crucial role of Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) as the President’s representatives at the district level, particularly in handling land matters.

“Don’t expect any response from me (RCC) because you have written to the President of Uganda. I would like to thank you for being peace-loving citizens of Uganda. Above all, you’re the people who connect us directly to God through prayers,” RCC Egole stated. He further encouraged the Christian community to remain patient while waiting for the President’s response, emphasizing President Museveni’s willingness to listen to citizens, regardless of their status.

However, tensions escalated during the meeting at the RCC’s office as police, led by DPC Lira City Joseph Bakaleke, clashed with Christians who were heading towards Yahweh Church. Tear gas was reportedly fired at the protesters on the 12th Oct 2023. The situation prompted RCC Egole, his deputies, DPC Joseph Bakaleke, and other leaders to rush to the church to restore calm.

DPC Joseph Bakaleke urged Christians to remain peaceful while the authorities address their concerns. The situation remains a matter of concern as local authorities work towards a peaceful resolution in the ongoing land dispute and church ownership conflict.

The Yahweh Pentecostal Christian community continues to seek justice and a fair resolution to their grievances, with the hope that their concerns will be addressed through the appropriate legal and administrative channels.



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