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Pentecostal Churches in Lango Join Movement to Fight Food Insecurity Through PFUMVUDZA Farming

In a bid to tackle food insecurity in the Lango region of Uganda, Pentecostal churches have joined a movement championing a new model of crop production called PFUMVUDZA farming. The group, consisting of pastors and church leaders, are aiming to encourage efficient resource utilization on small areas for optimized yield management.

PFUMVUDZA farming is a technique borrowed from West Africa that involves planting crops in a way that ensures maximum productivity while using minimal resources.

A 16 by 39 meters PFUMVUDZA plot is believed to produce enough maize to feed a family of five for an entire year. This initiative resonates with biblical teachings, making it ideal for the Pentecostal church.

Pastors and church leaders drawn from across the region were trained to adopt Conservation Agriculture Principles and implement the PFUMVUDZA farming model through the Rex and Farms Solutions program. A demonstration garden established in Lira City west division has helped the pastors appreciate the effectiveness of this model.

Solomon Okello, a senior pastor in the region, believes that the PFUMVUDZA model appreciates God’s creation. He also thinks that if embraced properly, food crises will be minimized.

However, the program requires a well-capacitated extension provision system for technical backstopping, tracking, and monitoring to achieve optimum yield.

The Pentecostal church’s initiative is a crucial step towards achieving food security in the Lango region. By working together with other stakeholders, the church can help address societal challenges such as food insecurity.

This initiative is a prime example of how churches can play a critical role in eradicating hunger in the region and ensuring access to adequate and nutritious food for everyone.


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