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Woman Finds Mother at Boyfriend’s House.

A shocking incident occurred in Mapenzi Estate, Tana River County, Kenya on April 12, 2023, when a woman found her mother at her boyfriend’s house during an early morning visit.

Esther Soni, a medical school student from Malindi, had gone to surprise her boyfriend when she was greeted by the sight of her mother opening the door wrapped in a scarf.

The incident caused a commotion in the compound, with Soni breaking into tears and hysterical laughter.

After a brief altercation with her mother, who tried to explain herself, the boyfriend calmed the situation. However, Soni collapsed momentarily during the fight, allowing her mother to flee.

According to Nairobi News, sources reported that Soni was overwhelmed by the incident and continued screaming and cursing, vowing to kill her mother.

She narrated how she had introduced her boyfriend to her mother last year while he visited her ailing father in the hospital. The family was still mourning the loss of their father, who was also buried in the same month.

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