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Lira Town College Student Shot By Security Guard.

In a concerning incident, the territorial police at Lira-City CPS are currently investigating the attempted murder of a 19-year-old student of Lira Town College identified as Odongo Morris in S.4 class.

According to reports, a suspected security guard who works for SGA identified as Odom Francis was escorting his girlfriend Echonga Finala at around 1930 hours to Lira Town College on April 11th, 2023, when they met the victim and other students who had escaped by jumping over the wall fence.

An altercation allegedly occurred, prompting the security guard to shoot and injure Odongo Morris on the right lower leg before taking off with the girl.

In response to the incident, police immediately responded to the scene, and the victim was rushed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital for treatment.


One cartridge was recovered at the scene, and the blood sample of the victim has been picked for analysis at the Government Analytical Laboratory.

Meanwhile, the intelligence and flying squad teams moved on the ground and apprehended the suspect together with the girl from his rental home in Tekulu cell and also recovered the gun used. Both the cartridge and gun will be submitted to ballistic experts for analysis.

SP Patrick Jimmy Okema, the northe Kyoga Police Spokesperson, have expressed concern about several complaints from members of the public regarding students of Lira Town College snatching valuable items such as phones, bags, laptops, food items from market vendors like watermelons, and even raping women.

He is also urging students to follow school rules and regulations, as well as school programs and avoid initiating personal programs while at school.

Similarly, He noted that the school management must also come up with strict mechanisms for handling such errant students.

The Police plan to use the incident to strengthen the need for community policing at Lira Town College and other schools to ensure the safety of everyone.

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