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Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital Engages Lango District Leaders to Prevent and Treat Fistula

Terrewode Obstetric (Women’s) Community Hospital in Soroti District has engaged Lango district leaders to prevent and treat fistula, a condition caused by prolonged and obstructed labor that results in a hole between the birth canal and bladder or rectum.

Alice Emasu Seruyange, the executive director of Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital, called on Lango leaders to support fistula prevention and treatment to reduce the burden in Lango and Teso regions that presented the highest numbers of fistula patients.

Following the successful reintegration of fistula survivors, Terrewode will be piloting the reintegration package to women and girls of both Lango and Teso regions in partnership with district officials.

The appeal was made during a press interview in Lira City after holding a dialogue with Lango district leaders at the Pacific Hotel.

Fistula can cause severe physical and emotional trauma, including social isolation and stigma, as it causes the woman to continuously leak urine or feces. Abdul George, the RDC of Apac District, urged all the RDCs and district chairpersons to work together to reduce fistula in the region.

Lira District Chairman Hon. RCM Okello Orik appreciated Terrewode for treating the women, who are a living testimony in Lango. A one Acen”, one of the survivors of fistula, couldn’t hide her happiness as she testified about her condition when she recovered after surgery.

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