Lango Cultural Leaders Joins Ministry of Health’s Campaign to End TB

Lango cultural leaders have taken a step in response to concerning increase in TB cases in the sub-region as data revealed a disturbing trend in the prevalence of Tuberculosis in Lango.

During cultural leader’s sensitization and engagement meeting on TB organized by the Ministry of Health, Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng noted that the country is losing people majorly the youthful men between 15 to about 54 years of age.

Data highlighting the TB burden in Lango sub-region indicates an increase in a quarterly basis as it registers 98.8% between July to September 2020 and the figure increased to 116.0% in October to December.

The data further shows that out of every 100 TB cases in Uganda, 16 are from Northern Uganda, particularly Lango sub region. This is attributed to the local transmission going on in the community including the Multi- Drug Resistant (MDR) TB variant.

Dr. Patrick Buchan Ocen, the Lira District Health Officer (DHO), believes that the burden of TB in Lango can be reduced if people get tested and those found positive are enrolled in treatment calling upon the community to go for regular medical checkups.

During the meeting, cultural leaders pledge for total support in creating awareness on TB to ensure the burden is reduced.

Minister for culture, Heritage and tourism at Lango Cultural foundation, Patrick Abal call upon fellow cultural leaders to use cultural gatherings and meetings to advice the community about the some of the diseases that people tend to under mined.

Cyprino Okello, a clan leader in LiRA clan, caution the community on dangerous habits of excessive drinking and smoking. He has passionately appealed to individuals to consistently embrace the accountability for their own lives, emphasizing the importance of making mindful choices.

The involvement of cultural leaders in the fight against TB is part of the Ministry of Health’s Community Awareness, Screening, Testing, and Treatment (CAST) Campaign to end TB. Health Minister Dr. Jane Aceng Ocero emphasized the importance of engaging these leaders in the fight against TB.

Aceng further noted that tuberculosis (TB) is both preventable and curable. Among the districts most heavily impacted by these diseases are Amolatar, Lira City, Lira District, Kwania, Oyam, and Otuke. These areas are experiencing the highest concentration of patients afflicted with TB and leprosy.

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