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Tenson in Lango Cultural Foundation as Newly Appointed Ministers Face Rejection

Lango Cultural Foundation is currently involved in a heated disagreement after the newly appointed ministers by its head, Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii, were declined approval by the council of clan Chiefs (Owitong)

As per Article 4 section 4 of Lango cultural Foundation constitution, Won Nyaci is entitled to appoint insinuation Minister and Deputy minister under section 6 of the same article.

Ebii’s recent reshuffling of his cabinet led to significant changes, leaving some prominent ministers displaced and new faces taking charge. However, this move was met with strong opposition from the cultural leaders within the Foundation on Friday.


The controversy reached its peak during a recent council meeting attended by over 90 Clan Chiefs (Owitong)

During the session, Dickson Ogwang Okul, the Clan Chief of Pala Ocol, raised a motion resisting the changes proposed by Won Nyaci Ebii. The meeting, charged with tension, ultimately adjourned without reaching any resolutions, leaving the Cultural Foundation in a state of doubt.

Yosam Odur Ebii defended his decisions, alleging that former leaders had extorted money (UGX 200.000) from him. This accusation further fueled the unpleasantness within the Foundation.

Beson Dilla, the Speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation, emphasized the importance of mutual respect among the leaders. He called upon Won Nyaci Ebii to respect the opinions of his councillors, expressing concerns that the ongoing discord might lead to further divisions within the institution. Dilla also cautioned against the misuse of cultural leadership power, emphasizing that the position is not hereditary within families.

Among the affected leaders, there is a willingness to comply with the law, allowing Won Nyaci to appoint his cabinets. However, concerns about the aging leadership of Ebii have been raised.

James Robert Ajal, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation, expressed the need for Ebii to seek advice, considering the impact of his decisions on the entire Lango community. He was also disappointed with Won Nyaci`s allegations of extorting money from him noting He is innocent.


Dickson Ogwang Okul voiced support for the reshuffle but criticized its hasty execution. He stressed the importance of Ebii having a team of advisors to prevent unnecessary influence on his decisions, particularly in matters as critical as cultural appointments. Okul also condemned the alleged influence of bribery in the appointment process, urging the leaders to focus on developmental issues rather than personal relationships.

Despite the heated debate, Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii still remains unshaken and un willing to work with old cabinet.

He also called upon all Clan Chiefs (Owitong) and all his subjects (Atekere) to remain calm as he rectifies the mistake and error done in registering Lango Cultural Foundation as a Limited Company.

The future of the Lango Cultural Foundation remains uncertain as tensions persist and discussions continue, leaving the cultural leaders and the community anxiously awaiting a resolution to this ongoing crisis after one month.



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