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“Street Kids” Disappointed with The Public Nicknaming them “Owuwuk”

Birthdays are often marked with extravagant celebrations, especially in the lives of celebrities. However, over the weekend, Mr. Odoo Kenneth Bob, a prominent YouTuber and promoter at Kennedy Bobbie Entertainment, broke the mold by choosing to celebrate his birthday in a unique and heartwarming way.

Unlike the usual glamorous festivities held in hotels, bars, or at home, Mr. Odoo Kenneth Bob decided to spend his special day in the ghetto, surrounded by street kids. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, he gathered with these often-marginalized children to share the joy of his birthday where street kids were able to highlight some of their experiences and burning issues.

In a touching speech before cutting a giant cake that would be shared among the street kids, Mr. Odoo emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility. He spoke passionately about the need to give back to the community, especially to those who are often overlooked.

Mr. Odoo expressed his self-motivation to help those in the ghetto, acknowledging the challenges these kids face. He pointed out that society tends to dissociate from them, leading to a negative perception, while in reality, these kids need companionship and guidance. Many of them endure various forms of disturbance and stress. He shared the Cake among the kids where hw later dressed them by giving the clothings.

The street kids who participated in Mr. Odoo’s birthday celebration were genuinely appreciative of the gesture, expressing the need for people to talk to and guide them through life. They also calls upon willing bodies to support them through enrolling them in vocational studies as they are willing to learn and leave the Ghetto.

One of the street kids, Awio Ronald, known by his ghetto name “Judas,” took the opportunity to address the rising number of street children in the ghetto. He placed the blame on parents who fail to take key responsibilities in guiding their children onto the right path from a young age. Ronald urged parents to prioritize the education of their children and called upon the youth to respect their parents, emphasizing the harsh realities of life in the ghetto.

Denish Okello, who has been in the ghetto since childhood, issued a serious warning to children who may be tempted to join the ghetto. He highlighted the harshness of life in the ghetto and expressed disappointment in the public for nicknaming them “Owuwuk.” Okello argued that this label creates disbelief in their character, overlooking the fact that many street kids are friendly individuals until provoked.

“Owuwuk” has become one of the trending slangs in Lira City, referring to a group of thieves notorious for attacking and robbing people. Okello emphasized that not all individuals associated with the label are street kids, and the public’s misconception contributes to the challenges they face.



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