Rampant Rate of Teenage Pregnancy Worries Leaders of Kole District

The belated Women’s Day celebration in Kole District on Tuesday was marked by concern over the alarming rates of teenage pregnancy.

The district RDC, Josephine Omara Olili, expressed dismay at the number of young girls becoming mothers as early as 13 years old. Omara noted that these early pregnancies bring significant challenges, including the risk of maternal and child mortality.


Omara attributed the issue to parents neglecting their responsibilities at home, often due to alcoholism, which can lead to gender-based violence. She also warned the community against misusing government initiatives meant to support businesses and homes, such as using them to take on more wives or indulge in excesses like buying meat instead of investing in the future.

Opio Bonny, Vice Chairperson LC 3 of Okwerdot Sub-County, called upon the relevant authorities to battle school dropouts, a common issue in the sub-county. He believes this is contributing to an increase in theft in the area.

Kole Woman Member of Parliament, Judith Alyek, emphasized the need for local leaders to advocate for women’s rights within their jurisdictions. She urged greater prioritization and involvement of women in government programs and women’s empowerment initiatives.

During the celebration, Alyek also launched the distribution of Mamma Kits to all pregnant mothers in Kole District. These kits are designed to support women during childbirth and improve maternal health outcomes in Kole District.


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