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Linda Auma Urges Women to Break Cultural Barriers, Embrace Entrepreneurship

Over 300 women entrepreneurs have successfully completed an intensive capacity-building program conducted by the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development. Among the graduates are refugees and women from refugee-hosting communities in West Nile.

The women entrepreneurs, enrolled under the GROW project, convened in Lira City for a three-week training program organized by the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development.

During the sessions, they were equipped with diverse skills spanning various enterprises, including liquid soap making, bakery, tailoring, among others. The training was facilitated by the Northern Uganda Women’s Network for Business Development (NUWEBIZ), a prominent network dedicated to fostering private sector investment among women in the region.


Representing the Minister for Gender, Labour, and Social Development, the national vice chairperson of the women’s council, Agnes Linda Auma who is also the Lira District Woman Member of Parliament, commended the graduates for their dedication.

Auma emphasized the need for women to overcome cultural stereotypes, labeling them as barriers to success. She urged women to believe in themselves and called for a collective effort to challenge societal norms that hinder women’s progress.

Meanwhile, Morris Chris Ongom, the Chairperson of the Lira Chamber of Commerce, underscored the importance of revising government policies to better support small scale businesses.

Ongom highlighted the adverse impact of unfavorable taxes on young entrepreneurs, advocating for practical support measures such as tax holidays and reduced initial business regulations.

He argued that such policies would foster an enabling environment for new businesses to thrive and contribute significantly to the economy in the long term.


Despite the growing number of women-led businesses, research indicates that women require substantial support to scale up their enterprises. The GROW project is positioned as a model that the Ministry believes will help bridge this gap, offering tailored assistance to women entrepreneurs across Northern Uganda.

The NUWEBIZ Foundation Ltd, instrumental in the success of the program, continues to mobilize and organize businesswomen across various platforms and refugee camps. The foundation provides a unified forum for addressing business challenges, alongside offering capacity building and financial assistance, further empowering women in the region.


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