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OTUKE: Security Blocks Meeting on Cattle Raids in Lango Sub-Region.

Security in the Lango sub-region have prevented a meeting convened by local leaders to address rampant cattle raids in the area by suspected Karamojong cattle warriors.

The meeting was scheduled to take place on April 20th at Acanpii P.7, Ogwete Subcounty in Otuke district.

However, organizers, including the LCV and LCIII Chairperson, were rounded up by the police and taken for interrogation at Otuke CPS.

The reasons behind the cancellation remain unclear, but sources indicate that authorities may have suspected the meeting could incite violence.

David Kennedy Odongo, the LCV of Alebtong district who convened the meeting, intended to discuss urgent ways to tackle repeated cattle raids in Otuke and some parts of Alebtong district.

However, with the situation growing increasingly concerning, some leaders are now calling for the government to deploy former members of Amuka forces – an auxiliary group used during the war against LRA rebels in Lango – to help restore peace in the area.

It remains to be seen what steps will be taken to address the issue of cattle raids and improve security in the regions of Acholi, lango and Karamoja.

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