Davido Drops Hint of Music Retirement Amidst Controversy

Renowned Nigerian afrobeats artist David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has made headlines by suggesting a potential exit from the music industry.

The “Unavailable” hitmaker disclosed his contemplation of quitting music after his forthcoming album during a social media reaction to manipulated content circulated by certain blogs.

Addressing the mounting controversies on Thursday night, Davido expressed frustration at the orchestrated efforts to tarnish his image and reputation. He pointedly accused certain individuals of harboring intentions to force him out of the music scene. In a candid message on his social media handle, he wrote, “Yall niggas really want me out the game that bad ?? Oya after next album I no do again. So una fit get peace.”

Davido’s revelation sheds light on the toll that industry politics and personal attacks have taken on his mental well-being.

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