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Museveni Bans Charcoal Trade, Balaalo Herdsmen From Northern Uganda

President Museveni has signed an executive order banning the cutting of trees for commercial charcoal production in a bid to save the environment and prevent further depletion of forest covers.

The order, which was issued under Article 99 (2) of the constitution, comes after concerns were raised by leaders from the Acholi Sub-region about the rising charcoal trade in the area.

In addition, the President also ordered for the expulsion of nomadic pastoralists commonly referred to as balaalo herders from Northern Uganda with immediate effect by June this year.

He suggested that culprits could serve 7 years in prison for bringing cattle into Northern Uganda illegally.

This move is expected to alleviate the growing demand for charcoal and timber in the region, which has led to the destruction of forest covers and wild forest fires.

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