Most People want my nudes but they won’t get them – Lydia Jazmine

Musician Lydia Jazmine has revealed that a group of Ugandans is keenly interested in obtaining her intimate photos, but she has firmly decided against making them public.

The singer expressed gratitude for the blessings and beauty bestowed upon her by God, emphasizing that she is selective about who gets to appreciate them. She stated, “I know there are many people who desire my intimate photos, but they won’t be granted access. I am confident in my beauty, and I believe God gave it wholeheartedly.”

These comments were prompted by the recent photos she shared on the 1st of this month, which received significant criticism from certain media outlets.

Jazmine also addressed her critics who focus on her stylish clothing and partially exposed pictures, referring to them as adversaries who concentrate solely on the negative aspects and overlook the positive aspects of her work.


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