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Mc Kash Owakabee Urges Eddy Kenzo to Reconnect with Roots in Heartfelt Letter

Northern Uganda’s event host and comedian, Mc Kash Owakabee, penned a touching letter to Big Talent Boss Eddy Kenzo, recalling about their roots and urging a return to their shared beginnings.

In the letter, Mc Kash warmly recalls the fundamental role played by Iceme, Oyam, in shaping both their destinies. He recalls about organizing village dance groups and securing venues, highlighting the transformative power of their early collaborations.
Owakabi highlights the 10-year journey from 2014 to 2024, recalling the village dance group mobilizations, securing venues, and the memorable muzei with the guitar, particularly remembering the late Muzei Benon.

The comedian reflects on the profound impact of the viral hit “Sitya Loss,” which catapulted Eddy Kenzo to global fame, attributing its success to the magic of Iceme and the Ghetto Kids. He implores Kenzo and his team to consider giving back to the community that propelled them to success.

Expressing a desire to reconnect despite lost touch, Mc Kash Owakabee signs off as Mc Kash Owakabi, not Mc Kash SityaLoss, providing contact details for direct communication. WhatsApp: 0700132319, and Direct Calls: 0774 810848

The heartfelt plea underscores the importance of acknowledging and appreciating one’s roots, resonating with themes of gratitude and community support.

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