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MC Kash Owakabee Signs Ambassadorial Deal With Uganda Waragi.

Gulu Based Northern Uganda’s outstanding MC and Comedian l, MC Kash Owakabee has on Tuesday signed an ambassadorial deal with Uganda Waragi.

The good news was served through his official Facebook account as he shares out the good news with his followers.

“I hereby henceforth take on my newJourney as the Northern Ambassador ofThe Spirit that Binds Us. Uganda Waragi Ofcourse Uganda’s πŸ‘Œ best. Thankful and grateful to Uganda Brewaries Limited and the entire Family πŸ‘ͺ.And Proud Sponsors of Laugh With Owakabi Comedy show. #TheSpiritThatBindsUs@Uganda Waragi is surely the Best..” MC Kash Posted.

He also went further advocating for safety drinking of alcohol and not to be sold to persons below the age of 18 years old.

According to the Uganda Waragi management, the role of the new ambassador is to bring their product close to people of Northern Uganda.

It should be noted that Uganda Waragi is one of the main sponsers of Comedy in Uganda including laugh With Owakabi Comedy show that happens in every start of the month in Gulu (Fridays) and Lira City (Thursdays)

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