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Over 1,500 Youth Transformed through GLOFORD Skills Training

Global forum for development, GLOFORD has positively empowered over 1,500 young people in Lira City through skills training programs.

Binezeli Bwambale, the Design Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at GLOFORD, announced this significant achievement last week during a press conference held at their office in Junior Quarters, Lira City.


The initiative, conducted in collaboration with Plann International Uganda under the Safe and Inclusive City project, targeted areas including Bar Ogole, Bar Onger, Kakoge, Teso Bar, and Senior Quarters. These efforts have aimed to uplift vulnerable youth, many of whom had dropped out of school, lacked access to education, those on streets and faced bleak economic prospects.

Denis Okello Ogwal, the Project Manager at GLOFORD, emphasized the importance of the training, especially for the vulnerable youth. He highlighted that these young individuals, without adequate support, often resort to illegal activities, prolonging a cycle of poverty and abuses. The training programs provided them with essential skills, enabling them to pursue legal, sustainable livelihoods.

Abua Winnie, Project Officer at Community Focus International, a new partner organization, expressed optimism about the impact of their collaboration.

She stated, “Our coming will be of great support to this district and our city in improving the lives of these children of ours because we cannot leave them on their own, they need our support.”

Participants in the training programs shared stories of transformation, attributing their changed lives to the skills they acquired. They underwent diverse skill development initiatives, including liquid soap making, tailoring, and baking. These skills not only enhance their employability but also empower them for self-reliance, fostering a sense of independence and self-worth.

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The beneficiaries of these programs also called upon other organizations to join hands in supporting initiatives that empower youth and create avenues for sustainable employment. Their testimonials serve as a testament to the transformative power of education and skill development, underscoring the importance of such initiatives in building stronger, more resilient communities.




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