Lango Province Loses 2:0 To West Nile Province.

Lango conceded 2 goals to nil in the first leg finals against West Nile yesterday Saturday 7th. january 2023.

West Nile had their first goal in the first half and another in the second hald of the game making it 2:0.

Goal scores came from Toha and Anaku putting Lango at need to score 3:0 goals in the second leg when they will be playing at John Akii Bua Memorial Stadium on tge 14th. January 2023.

Do you think Lango will make it to the trophy against West Nile and 2hat can be done to get at least 3 goals?

Your views matter here to encourage the Players.

Brian Opio – Lira Sqoop & Top Magazine Lira.

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